Architect Change, One Pattern at a Time...

The world is preparing for accelerated change. Beginnings of this are already manifest as financial markets, established organizations, and an accepted array of operating assumptions fall apart.

We believe that the root problem is an increasing disconnect between the common meanings and purpose we ascribe to key components of our lives, and the meaning and purpose that the evolving truth of our reality demands. These common meanings are embedded in dysfunctional patterns that keep us viewing and interpreting ourselves and the world in limiting ways.

Such limiting patterns mean that as individuals we end up supporting efforts that are rooted in the past, and that run counter to our own health and sustainability. Many examples exist, ranging from easily allowing fear and anger to exercise themselves, to exploitation of people and resources the world over, to a simplified asset view of life where all exists to prop up the often self-destructive engines of business, amongst others.

Aurosoorya's Fractal Systems Architecture (fractal = a pattern that repeats itself on different scales), is an approach to manage such patterns and allow more powerful and sustainable patterns to emerge in their place, to thereby assist individuals, teams, and organizations to make deeper change, one pattern at a time. Such re-patterning will allow individuals, teams and organizations to more fully mirror the evolving demands of reality, and ascribe a more accurate meaning and purpose to their efforts and framing contexts. This will result in greater freedom and in greater individual and collective power.

This means we will live a more meaningful life using our energies to support things that matter.

Aurosoorya has a comprehensive set of offerings that define its discipline of Fractal Systems Architecture:

FractalKey and PowersWithin are online environments that assist individuals in becoming aware of surface and deep patterns at the individual and organizational levels, that lie at the root of more complex realities.
Within and related software (TeamAware, StressManager, iAware) are downloadable and assist individuals and teams in building self-awareness on several different fronts.
Sustainability 'N+1'.0 eLearning is a comprehensive foundational offering, that combines the online environments, the downloadable tools, and other models and insights to allow individuals to more fully explore patterns that repeat themselves on different scales, and that form the bridge that connects inner power with global change.
Flowering of Organizations is the umbrella consulting services program that assists organizations in redefining themselves. Consulting services include Strategic Planning, Formation of Intent, Scenario Planning, Organizational Transformation, amongst other key offerings.
Aurosoorya Analysis includes blog entries, published articles, audio recordings, youtube videos to shed light on various contemporary organizational situations using a fractal lens.
Fractal Systems Workshops are a comprehensive set of modules that allows formation of customized workshops to shed light on a wide spectrum or organizational and system problems.

Browse, use, and engage our products and services and our prepared and spontaneous analyses. Become a part of the global movement to architect change, one pattern at a time. Participate in creating a world that makes sense now.

Pravir Malik
San Francisco

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