Emotional Intelligence Builder Overview

  • EmotionalIntelligenceBuilder is an on-line, electronic diary
  • Allows you to record negative states (stress) and positive states to do with the body, the emotions, the mind
  • It is easy to use, and allows review, analysis, that gives insight into trends and patterns of states
  • It allows you to learn about causes and ways to handle and reflect on stress, and to replicate positive states more intentionally
  • It has been stated by many that when you become aware of various states of being, it is easier to chose what you want to experience. There are powerful repercussions to this
  • As a result of building awareness in your self, it also allows you to become more aware of what others around you may be experiencing
  • At another level, the software computes your fractal pattern, through regular use. You become aware of your imprint that shapes your reality
  • To listen to a youtube series by Founder, Pravir Malik, on the "Power of Emotions in Developing Organizations", click here

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